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Team Building Pricing

Brainstorm Escape Games offers two options for booking a Team Development Adventure:


Book an entire room for your team during our standard business hours. A full room holds 10 people at $30pp. Corporate discount is 15%, so a full room is $255. You are not required to have 10 people. It’s your room, and you may include up to 10 participants. This can be booked online, or you may call or email us to coordinate additional details.


Book an entire room for your team outside of our regular business hours. We will open our facilities just for your team! You can book this private event during our off hours: Monday (all day) or Tues-Fri 9am-1pm. Cost is $400 per room for up to 10 people per room. Call or email us to schedule.

Event Space & Catering

For large groups, we have 1,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor event space! Call or email us to discuss details of your private event. Catering options, including food and beverage, are available from several of our locally owned partners, including Pub Ten, Ba Bellies, and Peachtree Growler.

Whether you want to schedule a breakfast activity, luncheon meeting, or happy hour event, we can put all the pieces of your event puzzle together! Call us for customized pricing for the facility and catering to go with your escape room team building event.

Additional Services Offered

“Make Your Mark Team Analysis”
After completing an escape room, we offer your team the opportunity for a group analysis to discuss how the team interacted and the strengths of each team member. This facilitated 30-minute analysis session is conducted in our private conference room, “The Brainstorm Center,” for just $75. The conference room is also available for use, unfacilitated, at $50 for 30 minutes.
“Make Your Mark Brainstorming Facilitation”
One of the most sought-after commodities that any company needs is IDEAS. And for some companies, or departments within a company, good ideas are difficult to come by. Our unique brainstorming process, known as a “Make Your Mark Brainstorming Facilitation,” will help your team develop dozens of ideas that you can pursue and implement. Your company will fill out a Make Your Mark Brainstorming Brief in advance to define your specific problem, and our Certified Brainstorming Facilitator will lead the session to help your group come up with dozens of ideas to solve the problem.
Session Options:

  • 30-minute Brainstorming Session – $295
  • 60-minute Brainstorming Session – $495

Conference Room

For groups up to 10 people, you may book our conference room so your team can meet and reflect immediately following your adventure. This allows you to learn and grow from the experience and avoid the common pitfall of heading back to the office where everyone gets distracted or delayed as they jump on the phone and answer emails.

  • 30 minutes, unfacilitated – $50
  • 30 minutes, facilitated – $75
  • 60 minutes, unfacilitated – $90
  • 60 minutes, facilitated – $125

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